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Dear Sirs,

My warm Greetings to the participants and guests of Moscow International Exhibition “ARMS & Hunting”!
The International show ARMS & Hunting is a traditional meeting-point for numerous manufactures, sellers and owners of sport and civil arms, as well as hunting and tourism amateurs, for whom this is not  just a hobby, but a way of life.
For the past years the exhibition have proved its relevancy, a striking illustration of this is a steady increasing number of international participants. At the same time it is very pleasant to be aware of the fact,  that Russian manufactures are also actively taking part in the show,  demonstrating  a high quality of their products  on level with leading  world brands of arms and ammunition.
I wish a beneficial work, fruitful business contacts and much success in your targets to all the participants and visitors of the exhibition.

Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Premier of Russian Government


Dear specialists and connoisseurs of arms,

The organizers have proved that they are quite up to carry out the exhibition on a high level, to attract all leading Russian and foreign companies of the industry, as well as to arrange the show with full complaisance with Russian legislation.

 In accordance with statistical data civil arms turnover in Russia gains more and more volume, so from now and onwards this event will assist to observe arms law, to regulate arms trade in the country and to improve the quality of licensing and permitting function of the Ministry of the Interior of Russian Federation.
For the last time there is an obvious tendency of increasing interest of Russian customers for perfect and fine arms, high quality optics and ammunition. The last exhibition has presented to Russian customers a unique chance to get more knowledge and to buy guns and other hunting products in wide range of quality and price.

I would like to express our confidence that Moscow International Exhibition “ARMS & Hunting” will make further contribution to the development of legal civil arms turnover in Russia and popularization of healthy way of life and will cause a true interest among the specialists of the industry.

Leonid Vedenov
The chief of head Department of state control and licensingof work of Rosgvardia


Dear Friends!

My best congratulations with the opening of Moscow International Exhibition “ARMS & Hunting”
For this considerable amount of time we have passed a difficult, but very interesting and cognitive way, collected a great deal of experience, knowledge and implementations.
The exhibition has proved its society importance. It has became one of the most popular and authoritative center of attraction for armourers from all over the world competitive with “IWA”  in Germany and “Shot Show” in USA.
  One can see with a naked eye the growth of the exhibition as in quantity, so in quality. Presently the representatives of near all world leading manufacturers of arms and ammunition take part in the show.  National companies also demonstrate its bigger presentation. This year the most of them have joined into a collective exposition of Russian Technologies State Corporation, within this exposition just generated Concern “Kalashnikov” is presented.

Mikhail Hubutia
The Chairman of the Committee of Directors of ZAO “Kolchuga”
The Chief of Expert Group by Military-Industrial Complex of Russian Federation